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Woodston Manor Parntership


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Woodston Manor is situated in the heart of the Teme Valley. 5 miles from Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire. WR15 8JG



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Farming Business

The farm, based on traditional farming practices is 100 acres. 8 acres of cherries, 5 acres of apples, 20 acres of old orchards which were predominantly damsons.  The remainder of the land carries 220 commercial ewes, 30 pedigree ewes and 10 pedigree cattle.

As part of the government plan to increase subsidy to environmental projects, all the orchards have been entered into the countryside stewardship scheme.  This means restricted use of chemicals, limited grazing, no artificial fertilizer and no ploughing.

The farm is run by Woodston Manor Partnership, this consist of John and Mary Walker, the senior partners and Calum and Emma Hillhouse, daughter and son in law.


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Animal health products


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All thing farming


Hockey Club (*****!!!!!Emma Hillhouse Chairman !!!!!****)


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Contact Information

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*   Phone: 01584 881223, Fax/phone: 01584 881657


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Last revised: 1 February 2002