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Woodston Berrichon du Cher

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Background on breed

The Berrichon du Cher breed originated from the SE of Paris. A white polled face, with a pink nose, good skin and little belly wool.

The Berrichon du Cher is powerful, lengthy with thick loins and deep well fleshed gigots.

The breed used as a terminal sire, lambs have a good covering of wool, are extremely hardy and very quick to get going.

The breed as a crossbred breeding ewe will lamb naturally out of season, at a lambing percentage up to 200%.

The original breed was crossed with a merino, which gives the wool a fine texture, usually 3-4 kg in weight and 27/8 microns.

Test for scrapie resistance to date show a high percentage of the breed are R1 animals.

A quote from a livestock buyer ( Willie Cobden, Southern Counties Fresh Foods)

‘ Berrichons are the quickest growing breed I have ever seen, they are good quality finishers, which is what the market requires, they are Top Quality!’

A quote from a farmer ( Andrew Cook, Georgeham, Devon)

‘ Compared with other well known continental breeds, the berrichon produces lambs 1kg heavier and a grade leaner’

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Some of our Flock


RBG98 020. 3rd Royal Welsh Show 2002    MRW00 014 Stock tup for 2002


DMG00 040 Champion Royal Welsh 2002

RBG98 020, CMH01 005, CMH01 009, CMH01 007

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2000 show results

Bishops Castle Show Champion Any Other Breed
Burwarton Show  Champion Female, Any Other Breed
Tenbury Show  Champion Any Other Breed
Monmouth Show Champion Berrichon du Cher

2002 show results

Royal Welsh Show Champion & Reserve Berrichon du cher. Last 4 interbreed pairs
Burwarton Show Champion Any Other Breed Ram/Ram Lamb. Last 4 interbreed 
Tenbury Show Champion Downland. Reserve Interbreed
Monmouth Show Champion Berrichon du Cher
NEW00 010 DMG00 040
Newark Ambassador Redmoss Debra
Champion Tenbury, Burwarton Champion RWAS, Monmouth

2003 Show results    

Three Counties Woodston Charmer Reserve Champion CMH02 014 Yearling Ram
Royal Highland Woodston Charmer Male Champion, Reserve Champion CMH02 014 Yearling Ram
RWAS Woodston Charmer Male Champion, Reserve Champion CMH02 014 Yearling Ram. Reserve female champion CMH98 002
Bishop's Castle Reserve champion any other terminal sire DMG00 040 Ewe
Tenbury Champion Downland DMG00 040 Ewe
Burtwarton Champion Berrichon DMG00 040 Ewe


CMH02 014 Male Champion Highland

2004 show results

Three Counties Champion with Yearling Ram
RASE 3rd, 4th Yearling Ram, 2nd Ram Lamb, 3rd 4th Ewe, 2nd shearling ewe, 3rd ewe lamb
RWAS 4th yearling ram, 4th ram lamb, 2nd ewe, 5th shearling ewe, 3rd ewe lamb,
Tenbury Champion Downland Yearling ram
Burtwarton Champion Group,

2005 show results

Bath and West Reserve Champion with Yearling Ram
Three Counties Champion with Yearling Ram
RASE 4th Yearling Ram, 3rd, 4th Ram Lamb, 5th Ewe, 8th shearling ewe, 5th, 6th ewe lamb
RWAS 4th yearling ram, 6th ram lamb, 3rd ewe, 5th ewe lamb,
Tenbury Reserve Champion Berrichon aged ewe
Burtwarton 3rd Group, 2nd yearling ram, 1st 3rd ram lamb, 2nd ewe lamb
Monmouth 3rd yearling ram, 2nd ram lamb, 2nd ewe lamb

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Stock for sale  


Phone Calum 01584 881657

Carlisle 2003 - 29th August


Newark Ambassador. NEW00 010 ARR/ARQ

sold £441

Woodston Charmer CMH02 014 ARR/ARR

sold £788

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Market Report- Woodston Berrichon x spring lambs top Brightwell's Market Tenbury for the 3rd week in a row. 34Kg lamb £1.94/Kg.


Welshpool Market - 5 rams wee taken to multibreed ram sale, with buyers keen to purchase, a poor position in the sale. LAST. didn't deter the buyers with an easy clearance averaging   £340/head.

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Contact Details

Tel/Fax:       Calum Hillhosue: 01584 881657